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In the wake of the Corona pandemic, brick-and-mortar retail was faced with major challenges. Various lockdown phases made stationary shopping impossible, which is why digital solutions became more of a focus. After more than a year of the pandemic, the question therefore arises as to whether and to what extent the online competencies of stationary retail have changed.

This question is currently being investigated in the new edition of the Online Monitor from 2018. In particular, the owner-managed retail trade of four municipalities around Aachen is the focus of the analysis. Various analyses of the existence of websites and online stores form the starting point of the Online Monitor. With the help of various tools and on-site inspections, the activities of stationary retailers in Internet trade are to be recorded and the online activities of the retail trade classified.

First results of the Onlinemonitor 2.0 have already been presented at the virtual meeting of the Arbeitskreis Geographische Handelsforschung in April 2021:
"The Digitization of Retail under Corona Conditions - First Empirical Results" (Prof. Dr. Cordula Neiberger and Carla Friedrich).

The first version of the Onlinemonitors from 2018 can be found here.