Digitalization of Retail Shops


Knowledge Transfer Between Retail Business and IT Service Providers

Change in this digital age is noticeable everywhere, including in the increased use of mobile devices with internet access. Additionally, numerous internet agencies have been founded in the past years in the new economy. The need for promising online strategies is not just increasing overall but also for stationary trade. Quickly changing consumer patterns are causing many retailers to open upto new sales channels online, some more successful, some less, as the same rules do not apply as to stationery trade. The cards are reshuffled online. The possibilities practically appear endless. The information overload in particular, as well as the fast change in online retail pose the retail branch a great challenge in making the correct strategic decisions, which require the respective know-how.

The research project deal with the question of how application-related knowledge is generated for stationary retail and under what conditions business relations between IT service providers could lead to successful knowledge transfer. Spatial-economic and socioeconomic concepts from economic geography are included in the investigation.

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