Passenger Commerce 2.0


On the change in service and service traffic through the use of "mobile media".

"Mobile media", such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks and smartwatches, are used in many areas of everyday life. However, the questions arise: "What influence does this use have on the mobility of human beings?" and "What effects can be discerned on the personal traffic of companies, the so-called personal economic traffic (PWV), in the service and service sector?" These are the questions addressed by the ongoing project "Personenwirtschaftsverkehr 2.0". An important step towards identifying this influence on PWV is to highlight structures that can be traced back to the use of mobile media. The objective is to use this knowledge to develop action approaches for the use of these media to support corporate mobility management. In addition to reducing traffic-induced costs and increasing operational efficiency, these approaches should above all take into account sustainability in the context of urban transport policy and planning.

Publications already published within the framework of the project:

Annika Haase, Cordula Neiberger (2016): Einfluss mobiler Daten auf das Reisen. In: Internationales Verkehrswesen, 68 (3), 54-57.