Urban logistics real estate



Marc Steinke

wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter



New location patterns and configuration of a new property type

E-Commerce leads to changing overall conditions in retail with drastic changes on logistics and related properties. As a result new spatial location patterns and specific logistics real estate emerges mainly in urban areas. Logistics real estate plays a vital role in e-commerce as they are essential for commissioning, delivery and return management. New developments like same-day- or same-hour-delivery as well as continuous cooling chains in grocery e-commerce represent serious challenges for logistic buildings.

New location patterns can be observed – besides large scale, easily accessible logistic property on a green field, small scale, integrated logistic buildings which serve cities and urban agglomerations are more and more moving to the forefront. The urban locations pose new challenges for logistic real estate, especially in regard to sustainable, clean and silent operations.

The dissertation project analyses above mentioned aspects. The objective is to identify and analyze new spatial location patterns and resulting configurations and challenges for urban logistic real estate.