Company Mobility Management


Conception of a company mobility management for the district of Heinsberg

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As part of a project seminar for the master’s courses in Economic Geography / Applied Geography and Transport Engineering and Mobility at RWTH Aachen University, we are conducting research on the topic of "Digitization, Sustainability and Mobility" in winter semester 2020/21 and summer semester 21. This is done in close cooperation with the Heinsberg district administration as the initiator and cooperation partner of the project study.

The focus of this project is the collection and analysis of work-related mobility data from the over 1,000 employees of the Heinsberg district administration. After a detailed literature search as a well-founded basis for the formation of hypotheses, the data are evaluated and contextualized with a quantitative method focus. The final step is the creation of a company mobility management system for the Heinsberg district administration, which should contain recommendations for measures to support employees towards sustainable mobility.