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GeoCaching - "Treasure Hunt" for knowledge


This project was created with the support of the Exploratory Teaching Space of RWTH Aachen. The aim is to teach students in a playful form with an app on cell phones or tablets: With the help of GPS data students are led on different routes through the city of Aachen. On their way, students come to individual stations and need to solve different kinds of challenges and problems. Students need to enter their suggestions and will get the answers directly via cell phone or tablet. GeoCaching offers students the possibility to exercise their already acquired theoretical knowledge in practice.

The playful learning also helps students with spatial reference, which is particularly difficult to picture in the first semester. The concept is an excellent supplement to excursions and on site labs and internships in numerous courses of studies with a spatial reference. It was integrated into the Applied Geography B.Sc. course fo study in summer semester 2014.

Interested instructors of other subjects can contact Mrs. Haase.